About Us

The Lynton Caravan Club was formed in 1978 by owners of the Lynton marque of caravan and some of those members still caravan regularly.  Following the demise of the Lynton Company we now have a wide variety of makes of van owned by members who live in all parts of the country.  Rallies usually range between 6 and 15 vans creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere. In the summer months, some rallies are held in a field with just basic water and waste facilities.

Marshals often organise a social get together in the evening, such as a light-hearted quiz night, cheese & biscuit buffet or fish ‘n’ chip supper, which although not compulsory, are usually enjoyed by all. When the weather permits you will frequently find members of all ages joining in spontaneous sports games such as volleyball, badminton and boules; or taking to their bicycles or walking (maybe to the nearest pub); or just exploring the countryside or local attractions.

Sometimes our weekends are so ‘free and easy’, with everyone happily chatting and relaxing together, that no one leaves the rally field! Our Membership fee is still only £10 per annum which is fantastic value for money. So, if you enjoy the freedom of caravanning, meeting people and making new friends we look forward to seeing you on a rally soon.